World of mystery in the work

   – Eileen S. Kaminsky.

Siri Gindesgaard came into our world, ESKFF in New Jersey, the summer of 2016 as part of our Euro residency group of 7 mid career artists. She quietly took her small space as a resident, spread out her paints and hung her canvases. She then proceeded to make magic on our walls.

Soft mists call the viewer closer. Figures turning away or gazing out into the unknown challenge us to dare ask what is going on. There is quiet movement, very subtle but it feels like time is a living being slowly moving these tales. The pallet was grey
to black with a hint of blue and some earth tones. A hundred soft tones in between. The mark of the artist is soft and etherial using space as a medium. The colors blend and blur in many layers with no clear line anywhere adding to the mystery as one image melts and unfolds into the other.

I love this body of work. I would get lost in it. And returned many times to watch as the mysteries developed.
Siri is a serious painter grounded by her training as a graphic artist. But she has moved far from the rigid lines and into the realm of soft dreamy images and unfolding mysteries that we are left trying to decipher.

Siri’s painting in our collection is of two female figures walking/moving/running away from the viewer. It is a story we can only guess at. And that is the brilliance of Gindesgaard’s message. A song being sung. We can only hope to grasp the melody as we are swept up in the singing. Are they girls, maybe students. Is there a joy they are running towards, or a tragedy they hurl from as their feet and arms churn forward, but that is why this painting is intriguing to me. I am fascinated by the open choices.
Holding my breadth to see what Gindesgaard will do in the future.


By Eileen S. Kaminsky, founder, Eskff, Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation.

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