Siri Gindesgaard “Intimations…”

– Lars Wie Andersen.

In recent years, Siri Gindesgaards artistic universe has evolved dramatically and with an almost explosive development. This involved switching from acrylic to oil paint, displaying a rare mastery of canvas and technique. From embracing childhood memories, her motif choices have become increasingly mature and personal.

The thin and transparent layers take shape after a thoughtful design. Early photos from the 1950s to now show Siri Gindesgaard beginning to work with her own models. Reflections – both retrospectively and in the moment – it’s that constantly challenge expression. One is left with the feeling that every individual works seem to be created in a fluid process where each brush stroke appear so convincing and considered that the work will be perfect.

Siri Gindesgaard works with her own inspiration, her works often appearing with a subtle undertone, the viewer can explore. The expression and the mood of Siri Gindesgaards work challenge constantly, activating a complete emotional register.

With exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad and a significant representation at the leading art fairs there is little doubt that you are dealing with an artist with a huge untapped potential. Siri Gindesgaard has often been compared with Gerhard Richter. One is never in doubt when facing a work of Siri Gindesgaard where her sublime technique combined with her own memories and moods become paramount.


Gallerist, Lars Wie Andersen

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