Keep an eye on this artist!

   – Poul Black.

There are two ways to become a recognized painter / visual artist.
One is to get established and recognized artists to speak well of your products.
The second is to have a pronounced talent for painting. To put it another way: Being skilful.
We have been through a period where being clever/skilful – to have talent – was not in particularly high demand. But the tide is turning.
When I interviewed the then Chairman of the New Carlsberg Foundation, Hans Edvard Nørregård-Nielsen in 2007, Denmark’s most influential art historian, he said this.
In the longer term the only popularity, which is of any value in the world of art is the public. The public’s judgment, so to speak. It is the people’s judgment that determines what has lasting value. (I Jyllands-Posten’s culture supplements 14.10. 2007)

A few years ago I saw a painting that I guessed would be a popular and have lasting success. The name is Siri Gindesgaard. Her pictorial universe is feminine – on the cautious side. Her technique comes from the airbrush, but this is oil on canvas with smooth transitions created by a method she has developed – and explained to me carefully. But we must let this remain her secret.
But then accordingly: Siri has really made her name. To such an extent that her pictures now sell like fresh bread at the bakery. You need to be up bright and early if you are going to get one.

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