Words to Siri

   – Klaus Mortensen.

The definition of good art for me is something that quietly and over some time enters my mind.
But with Siri’s art, I experienced the opposite for the first time. I was truly astonished in my first meeting with her paintings.

This was a fantastic, but at the same time very scary feeling. Not alone, that this kind of feeling not happens very often, but also because Siri’s paintings, even though they are very fragile, tell about a very deep and serious insight into life.

An insight we all know about, but we have very difficult to share with others around us.
The knowledge, that the beauty, closer, or more lovely things get, the bigger gains the fear of loosing them. We know there is a constant risk, but we just deny it.

All those feelings in their purest form are firmly embedded in Siri’s pieces of art.

As an artist, Siri crafts her paintings very secure – only few other artist are capable working similar.
Siri also adds small mistakes into her paintings to catch the eye of the viewer and make the person think more deeply of the artwork. At that moment, the painting gets you trapped.

Very few living artists technical work is comparable to Siri’s work. Her ambiguous paintings is something we only know from the old big artists from France and the Netherlands; Jacques Louis David and Gustave Courbet, just to mention some.

I really am looking forward to collaborate with Siri and follow her development closely.


Klaus Mortensen, Nordic art Trading.

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